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Newtown Casino is a web casino game developed by Playtech UK. The cornerstones of it’s success
are relationships built on trust and solutions built on innovation. Continued innovation is intrinsic
in Playtech’s ethos, which is realized within the delivery of first-class gaming products and services.

NTC33 games are designed to satisfy the customers’ diverse gaming habits and constantly updating ourselves
to satisfy the cultural needs of our growing global membership

Newtown Casino (NTC33) Live-Slot-Casino Games

When it involves gambling, it offers a huge range of choice. Players may choose between Innovative Live Dealer,
Immersive Slots Game and lots of more fun table games. Innovation is our main focus so as to be
your favorite choice within the web gaming industry.

Newtown Casino’s success is that the impressive portfolio of state-of-the-art games that has been
carefully cultivated over the years. it’s about delivering the simplest in graphics, the simplest in sound,
and therefore the best in mathematics.

NTC33-NEWTOWN – Online Casino Malaysia

NewTown Online Casino Malaysia (also referred to as NTC33) is another outstanding online betting
product that’s highly favoured by the local online casino gamers.

By leveraging on the exceptionalslot games rendered by Playtech, NewTown Casino has
deeply penetrated into the local online betting sphere, which is additionally highly renowned
together of the foremost remarkable online slot games in Malaysia.

Trendy Live Casino Games are in Play

Moreover, there are numerous high-end live casino games under its product offerings which have
further supplemented NewTown Casino’s product portfolio to some certain extents.

As a matter of fact
Playtech’s dominance within the Malaysian online casino industry has significantly
helped NewTown Casino to foster a robust market presence over the past several years.

In Malaysia, live casino games and online slot games have long been the mainstream online gambling
products for several years. Considering the growing needs for premium online betting products locally

NewTown Casino has never stopped polishing its casino game interface also as system’s
capability, so as to satisfy the overall market requirements of the local casino players.